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How to Promote Your Credential

As an IMTA-Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program, you hold a globally-recognized credential in the field of mindfulness instruction. Here are some ways to promote your credential:

  • Personalize your Directory profile to reflect your program’s "look and feel,"
  • Use your Registry Mark(s) on your website,
  • Place your designation to your business card,
  • Share your Registry Mark on social media,
  • Add your Registry Mark to advertising materials, such as flyers or brochures, and
  • Display a sticker of your Accreditation Mark at your school or office.

How to Avoid Credentialing Mark Misuse

As long as your registration is current and you're up-to-date on your annual fees, you're permitted to use the Credentialing Mark that corresponds with your school's designation/specialty. You are not permitted to use the IMTA logo as that is our intellectual property and copyright.

Please make sure your ads, business cards and marketing materials follow the recommendations made in our Credentialing Marks usage guide.

Profile Resource Center

When you become a member of IMTA, you receive your own customizable page on our public Directory. Update this page to showcase your school so prospective students can learn more about you and your programs.

Credentialing Marks Usage Guide

Only current IMTA-Accredited programs and CMT-P may use the IMTA Credentialing Marks logo. Members may use their appropriate Credentialing Marks and/or logos on their websites, business cards and other digital and physical marketing materials.

If we ask an IMTA-Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program or CMT-P to change how they are using their IMTA logos or Credentialing Marks, then they must either make the requested change(s) or stop using the logos/marks.

IMTA-Accredited, CMT-P Credentialing Marks cannot be used by any schools or teachers that are not currently registered with IMTA-Accredited Program AMTTP Directory. The CMT-P logo cannot be used by anyone that does not currently have the CMT-P designation. This prohibition pertains to all members and registrants with declined, dissolved, suspended, revoked, barred and/or former status.