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Renewing Your Accreditation

To renew your IMTA Accredited Program designation and reap the benefits of your membership, it will be required that two years from your date of accreditation you:

  1. Enter and update your syllabus
    Syllabi are a standard practice for any educational program and reflect a school's competence and professionalism. To strengthen the value and integrity of our IMTA-Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Training Program credentials, we require each accredited program submit a syllabus outlining its curriculum. The syllabus is a breakdown of your training's content into sessions/topics with titles and descriptions which state what will be covered in the training and what information and skills trainees will learn. All new programs must submit their syllabi with their application.
  2. Maintain an active CMT-P
    Supervising teachers must hold an active CMT-P credential
  3. Approve your past trainees
    By confirming your trainees yourself, you're providing the most accurate information regarding when a trainee graduated from your program. After you approve your trainees, they will complete a review of your program to provide both you and IMTA with feedback about your training program.
  4. Pay your annual fees to maintain your program listing
    Your annual fees allow us to keep our organization running, continually improve our credentialing system and expand our benefits and services to members.
  5. Abide by our Code of Conduct
    Our Code of Conduct is a declaration of acceptable ethical and professional behavior by which all registrants agree to conduct the teaching and business of mindfulness training. It is not intended to supersede the ethics of any school or tradition but is intended to be a basis for mindfulness principles.